Monday, May 5, 2008

when i was small

when i lost my two front teeth
this was when i was in uganda with my pet chameleon
sitting in a high chair with a melon(long one)
pic with ugandan pastors

pic in the diff villages with the pastors..

this ones in the church

all the kids chasing our car saying mosoongoo(means chinese ppl)
catfish that was taller than me..
at one of the gideonites house

seminar and at another team's hse

village mud hut
and miking the cow
this was where i kena malaria..

the puppies i kept as pets plus my two friends over in uganda
at sailing club: rebecka and rachel..

at the dog hse built for stripe
watermelon patch

above were the pics of me when my fam and i went uganda for 2 yrs.. yup 96-98

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