Monday, June 2, 2008

it's been so long

i think i'll stick to one week one post
been super busy
i have this ita1 proj to be handed up on fri, play observation vid proj also on fri. then because this wk is elearning wk for it and fneng, i also have work from there
just because we will miss tut and lect doesnt mean our teacher has to give 2 proj to mark attendance. a newsletter and some random ppt we are supposed to do individually.
then of all things some instructions are unclear so it's like we have to search for ourselves
then fneng we will have to do some excercise this fri itself at a particular hr..
haiz plus 2 more proj..
our fp has this observation of the developmental characteristics of certain age grps
which we havent started
then today we just got one new observation project for cdev we are supposed to do individually and in a grp. running record of what we observed in the vid in lect.. it's crazy when we count how many proj we actually have to do..xian
ok nvm...jia you(:

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