Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I came from Solomon's lumberyard; born with the gift to talk to animals. My cousins consisted of tables and chairs. All of us had special gifts of our own. I'm the smallest and the weakest in the family, we were all bought by the 3 bears, namely, Mama, Papa and baby bear.

One fine day, in came this strange breed of bulk which had curly golden hair and wore some frilly pink cloth. I think she must have eaten sweet potatoes, baked beans and cabbages just before feasting on the porridge on the table left by the bears to eat when they came back from their daily morning walk. Such a horrid beast! Suddenly, without warning, a rocket blast of smelly air caused me to self-destruct. Of course I had the power to fix myself back together but I wasn't going to do it there and then. Let her be poked by my splinters for all I care. HMPH.. My family members were laughing so much, their joints cracked and they split their sides.
My oh my, I think the bears would faint to find their--our house in such a mess. After polluting the air she decided to go upstairs to visit our grandparents after her tiring act.
Let me tell you, she was sooooo heavy that when she jumped for joy when she saw my grandparents, she fell flat on the bed. *THUD!* Like, WOAH.. that's one heavy girl.
When the bears came home hmmm..how would you describe it? haha their features are scary but well yeah they are nice creatures if you don't get in their way..apparently fat girl didn't think so. She screamed and bawled like some molting and melting banshee.. she even runs like some clumsy pig. Not a word of apology from her either..HMPH!...humans..

12 October 2008 Sunday

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