Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i like this one most out of all my stories

Actually, things aren't what people think, the wolf was the distant relative of the 3 little pigs of many generations. The problem was no one welcomed him because it is widely known that wolves eat small animals including pigs. The wolf came to me for help. Just as it happened, the 3 little pigs decided to build their own houses of straw, wood and bricks. I told the wolf to bring a gift and stupidly he bought a pot and pan for each pig. No wonder everyone who saw him ran away in fear. (0_0) Who knew it? He was ALLERGIC to pigs. When he got this allergy, wolf would turn red and start sneezing his head off. God knows why, his lungs were so big. So at the first house after the straw pig opened the door, the wolf sneezed off his house. Wolf thought it was the strange material-straw. At the second house, he sneezed even harder. the wood pig got a shock. He ran around town telling everyone, as news passed, the rumour became more atrocious. Could you believe it? A new wolf has come to town to eat pigs by sneezing their houses off. What kind of rumour is that? He huffed and puffed as asthma was part of his allergy. That was bad and so, I came up with a potion to cure sniffles and gave it the brick pig. He then put a sign at the door:"Go to the chimney to come in."
The wolf came and sneezed. Of course the house wasn't sneezed off. It was made of bricks..duh..
The wolf was glad for the warm invitation of his pig relative so he climbed to the top and jumped into the chimney into a warm cauldron - filled with sniffle potion. He was cured and they had a night of squealing and howling - in delight. Town folks asked, why we rabbits helped them. We were even more a nicer delicacy to wolves.. Well, we had to, we were the great-grand parents of poor Wolfie!(:

17 august 2008 sunday

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