Tuesday, January 6, 2009


okaay.. this story is just crap but I'll just post it. it makes no sense in the fairytale world but nvm.. here goes..

HEY! Do you really really think I loved her? Nope, I married her more because of her glass slipper. I wanted to sell it cos' there was an economic crisis. Wait, I was a poor prince, you gotta remember that, alright? You don't have any other choice anyway cos I'm narrating this story..muahaha..
But maybe, just maybe, I had this tinge of guilt, and possibly a little touch of the cupid fairy there but anyway, how could I simply steal her slipper and leave her alone? I'm not as cruel as you would be thinking right now. I thought it would be easy to just marry the girl who owned the slipper. Like snap your fingers and that's that. The deed is done. But oh man, if you were in my shoes, and you HAD TO search the entire country, you would faint. The duke of my father found the slipper on 2 ugly sweeties and I had no choice but to marry either one of them. I'm sorry for my straightforward ways but, UGH!!
Good thing they were clumsy and smashed the shoe, or I wouldn't have found the other slipper. But then I discovered they were only worth 10 dollars a piece, they were fake.. in any case, I had to keep my promise and marry the owner.. but there wasn't any problem with that because, WOAH.. she was so hot and she simply took my breath away. My good luck charm, my wife, my everything, all I've
ever wanted, she made it true; of course with the help of her animal friends and her fairy god mother.(:

nice ending, not?

it seems my stories are getting shorter and shorter.. or maybe not..hmm..
credits go to Kath as well as me haha lol of course!
12 October 2008 Sunday

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