Thursday, July 19, 2007


Is it always true that,
distance makes the heart grow fonder?
It seem as if distance makes us strangers.

When you're gone
my heart hurts till I see you again.
Giddy in love would be greta
if we weren't so distant.
Tell me,
when can we finally get back to
what we used to be?

my love for you can never be
described in words.
for there's just too much to say
strangely as it seems, the longer
we are distant, the more my heart yearns for you

in this world we live in,
is it still possible to find true love?
oh please tell me,
why am I feeling so down lately.
Lost in numbness and emotions,
Ican only think of th eday when you didn't even glance at me as you walked past.

Ther used to be 'hi' and 'goodbye'
but right now it's just me and my feelings
wayching you walkaway.

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