Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Am I actually supposed to let you
slip through my fingers?
Or is it beacuse I feel I'm badgering you?
Does my presence make you feel awkward?
Whatever I think of seems to have linkage to you.

All your classes are next to mine.
Well almost all. Yet I can't seem to be able to
catch your eye.
Is it that difficult?
I see you around my classes so much
that I feel as if something is missing
when i don't get to see you.

Emptiness and loneliness is all I can feel
nowadays. So empty that
it doesn't make a difference
whether I see you or not.
Seeing you lifts my spirits;
Talking to you makes my day.
Can't you see that?

Are you that ignorant?
Or are you just naive?
Has exposure to your frinds made you the same as everyone else?

I seriously thought you were different.
But I guess I set my standards too high.
Maybe if we could start anew,
just maybe.
Things might work out just fine.

Seeing you walk away
At ease at the presence of your friends
Am I that pressurizing? 
You know I would if I could do anything
Just for your sake.

I don't feel that I'm treating you the way I did with other previous ones.
Okaay only 1 but even then.

Just say the word. If you don't like me that way, just say it.
I'm fine with it. 
I'll back off and stay mutual friends.
Do you have to lead me on and expect me to think it was just a casual thing?

If leaving the foreign land made you this way,
We should have never left at all.
Even if you can't reciprocate my feelings, tell me.
Then at least  I'll do whatever I can do to get back to our old friendship.

At least i would have a friend. .

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