Monday, July 16, 2007

The Way

The all so perfect you with the purple shirt and purple font,
the only mistake you've ever made
was to make me fall for you.

The very fact you were Mr-Nice-Guy
The way you cared and showed concern
not just to me but many others
the way you went around treating people,
was the way you melted my heart.

The way you played the guitar,
the way we joked.
the way we talked and played.
The way we surprising became 'related'
was the way I miss those days.

The way you laughed,
the way you smiled,
you were ever so easy-going
till we left the foreign land.

The way you ignore me
The way you either pretend not to see me
or dismiss the way you treat me
The way he managed to conquer you
was the way you broke my heart.

Though all has passed and I still like you,
I'll never forget the way everything was in the first place.
The way I feel jealous or sad show my true feelings.
The way, I'll always remember, the times we spent together.
The way I'll always love you.

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