Wednesday, April 23, 2008

foc sigma pics

agnes weilin manling grace liyana me yihui syaq
the girls of s2 at e end of camp
..ok too many names..
whole of s2 incl. of gls

pic of s2 w/out gls(dick and abel dont noe doing what..)

s2 at night sports not so gd

informal pic

all our gls:)miss them lots!!

charles kai saddam jt xue yi acting 'girl'
charles kai saddam jt xueyi ryan apple wendy...haha
i dont noe liao:D
:)gls plus lion king/lepak king(:

guys of s2

these are the photos taken after camp:)
and many many more!
foc was so fun:)))

haha i think i siao alr.

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