Thursday, April 3, 2008


my friends and i already knew about the night walk but we thought that we would just walk ard the sch in pairs.
but we didnt noe that they would put fake ghosts and scary stuff
actually i'm not so scared of these things but it took place past midnight.
on top of this the gls HAD to tell us ghost stories..ok not their fault we asked for them but creepy enough to creep us out. after that we watched juno. ok lah maybe it's because of our tiredness and lack of energy, (tts the same right? anw)
the show was actually quite boring.
a few ppl had even fallen asleep at where they were slping. it was also cold in the lt at blk 51 so alot of us couldnt really concentrate.
after that we watched vids on u tube like achmed, etc..
next up the gls showed us "the eye" english version. the sound effects were super scary and it was super cold. so my friend also in s2 went with me to the toilet to escape. we went out chattering and didnt exactly want to go back coz both of us dont watch horror shows. but no choice so went back.
we didnt want to say excuse me to go to the back so we decided to sit at the front of the lt and tt was when a gl approached us saying that we were gg to play a ...SILENT GAME... (yeah right..)
anw on the pretext of the silent game, the gl said my friend was to go out first with another guy and i would go out of the lt later on.
since we could get out of the cold and scary place we agreed.

anw once it was my turn both the guy and me realized: OH NO. NIGHT WALK.(there's supposed to be a dead silence..yup) so anyway, both of us were like oh shit what do we do. the guy wasnt so scared. good thing for that. me on the other hand..there's no need to say..i bet u can guess.

so anw we had to walk down this path which led to the start of the trail. both of us were still shivering and chattering from being inside the cold lt.
when we reached the start of the passage they pasted black rubish bags to block out the light then i saw a fake bloody skeleton hand on the floor so i kind of freaked out for no real reason and didnt want to go in.then the gl inside threw the poor skeleton's other hand out. i freaked out some more and said i didnt want to go in so i guess the gl decided to be lenient(thx whoever u are) and let us go in. both the guy and me actually thought we were in blk 50. heng we werent but tt is another entry, let me fin this first :D

then after we walked thru the passage way, i still don't noe why i was so freaked out but anyway we saw the lift but didnt want to go in. but i didnt want to put my partner in a spot so i gu qi yong qi and entered the lift with him. at first nv notice the gl in the lift coz he was so quiet but good thing he nv had any make up on or else i'd do anything to get out of gg thru the night walk. so anyway the lift was so dark even the lift buttons didnt have light the gls still asked us to go up to the 7th floor. i was wondering how did my friend and her partner go thru with it. we were told to follow light sticks and arrows.the lift had a light stick where the buttons were but both my partner and i couldn't see the button so we asked the gl in the lift: how ah?we cant see the button how to go up? later press wrong button go wrong floor..
haha then the gl help us press.(so nice)

so when we reached the 7th floor both of us stuck our heads out and were like"are we on the right floor"?then we had to go thru flights of stairs.i was quite bad, made the guy push open the doors first, go round the corners first. when we walked ard the perimeter of the storey, we heard someone scream. i was thinking it was my friend then nvm i asked my partner what it was. he said dont thnk abt it, it was nth. then i was like yeah screech ah?(a little sarcastic alr. anyway, we continued walking till the walkway linked to another part of the building. then i saw her. i pointed at a girl wearing a white dress with long hair. then i said: oh no there are fake pontianaks how?i know they are fake he said that they wont hurt us but the thought of it was scary enough coz i told him we watched a scary movie b4 and had nightmares for a long time.tts why i try not to watch horror movies at night or even watch at all. as we neared the girl we realized there were 2 of them blocking the passage way. even tho we knew they were fake anyway they starting jumping making that awful 'thump' sound which sounded so scary in the middle of the night. so nvm i decided to raise my hands as well so at least even if they come close they are one arm's length away. then for no reason we smiled at the pontianaks and said HI! a little bit sot liao but who cares then the girls let us pass. before we could go they lifted their heads and said:WAIT ARE U THE LAST PAIR? both of us were like HUH? lol then they said they were tired of wearing the dress :) one of them even said they started bouncing up and down coz they were super bored and didnt know what to do. haha. we smiled and they then we actually talked to each other for awhile then we left. we walked a while then he tried to divert my attention and pointed to the sky: look.the moon is in the sky
i didnt noe how to ans and i replied:but it's not a full moon and so he said: wat is so special abt it being a full moon? i said nvm coz i didnt want to think abt it.

anyway,a doll from upstairs dropped down. it looked like a voodoo dol or sth with red blotches. bloody scary.(no pun intended)didnt scream just jumped.

so anyway we continued walking thinking when it would end. then we reached a stairwell(hoped it was the last). i felt kind of pissed off scared and i dont noe lah rojak feelings. so i pushed open the doors and went down the stairs with the guy. when we saw the stairs we were like oh shit the passage way is so wide. then nvm we went down one flight and nth happened so we were happier then someone started crying we thought it was a girl then we quickened our steps then suddenly there was a BOO! then i screamed damn loud then the guy jumped back he was like wah u scream damn loud then i said sorry and ran down the stairs. we went out and saw the rest of the gls. they asked whether i was the one who screamed and whether we were scared then i said towards the end the guy not at all. then the person who just scared us came out and he was a guy in pontianak suit. i was like u r a guy? haha then one gl asked did u hear a marble drop then we said nope. was there even a marble? then he said aiya u prob screamed so loud nv hear.. haha

so i guess tt wass the end of the night walk then as we walked back to an lt with a gl, the gl for my grp suddenly BOOED at me. super scary then we really successfully completed the night walk. YAY!

sorry type so long.. i a little bit longwinded and i love crapping a lot. XD

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