Monday, April 28, 2008


My first 3 wks here in np has been just wonderful.
before the 3 wks i had npsu foc camp then i had he hms foc camp.
npsu one our grp was more united so we had photos(below)
but hms one wasnt so great actually so no photos:)
anyway, 1A01 has been quite united considering we were total strangers from the start. 1st wk no assignments just the getting used to the environment and schedules and venues were quite a chore..other than tt it was fine.
2nd wk, e one tt just past was quite a pleasant one till our ITA1 class had hmwk due tom it was just crazy using microsoft word for 5 exercises. not tt it was super diff it just took up a lot of time and our tutor's instructions were like so super unclear..we didnt noe what she meant. and she used wrong words like instead of saying the word 'port' was the last word of e doc she actually kind of misleaded us by saying 'port' was the last word of the 3rd para...haiz searched for it so long lah..
anyway, our class has been so super united, we make it a tradition to wear the same colour shirt every monday. 2nd wk was pink/red. today's was white.. ill upload pics another time..
today's was funny coz i forgot we had to chk the class blog for the colour so i was deciding to wear either green or white today. gd thing i chose white.. it would have been quite funny if i was the only one wearing green in the
so yeah thats quite abt it...
oh yeah Sports and Wellness(sw) went quite well last wk.. my sport's flag football and it's fun tho there arent flags at e moment but it doesnt bother me. anyway i cant throw ok i can throw but i need to prac more..i can catch quite okay.. so yeah
there's my update for what as been happening these 3 wks or so...

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