Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my memories of yjc(:

cop from deb then i edited it..
hole in char's head tgth with deb and justina

original photo...

Mr sim's last day
ryan me and jurene

ice-cream fr 3 angles i ate with deb at ps

j blk lvl 4
looking out emo-ing..

lvl 4 again

made rose from ex bk binder wire..

sorry deb...(: haha

p23 jess jurene me shamine(:

us again..w/o table

the underside of the bench outside lib

from j3-13 corriddor..i think

from 2nd floor outside com lab j blk

turtle koi pond

j3 sth blk after it rained..emo-ing..

cant rmb which lt but it was my fav num last time

!!!SILENCE!!! in the library..

lights in e library..
i was sososo bored...

lights again but i shook my cam on purpose

the benches outside lib

the grandstand emo-ing..

singapore stadium..

modified mr ho's pic of "Zero"..

sorry this one at singapore stadium..ndp 07

the parade sq and the general office at 630 in the morning

this was my H2 econs class

mr sebastian's last day with us
ryan me jurene

passageway opp bookshop during free period

ok this wasnt yj but its nice

i think this one also haha

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